New Feature: Temporarily unmute in a Microsoft Teams Meeting

Did already experienced that you tried to response on a questions but suddenly someone informed you that you are still on mute? Or maybe you forgot to mute yourself after the question and you had the idea you are on mute and you start talking with someone else about the meeting you are in šŸ˜‰

It will become easier to temporarily unmute yourself using Shortcut keys.

Using “CTRL + Spacebar*”, while you are on mute, will temporarily unmute your microphone. When releasing the “CTRL + Spacebar”, your microphone will be on mute again. To me this is handy when you quickly want to respond and making sure you will be on mute after you are done talking.

* It’s press and hold (like push to talk) when you want to talk. Releasing it will put you on mute again.

All Microsoft Teams shortcuts

There are more Shortcuts that can be used in Teams, see below a complete overview (including a shortcut to see the shortcuts in Teams).

Temporarily Unmute

What is your favorite shortcut in Microsoft Teams?

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