Stop being the “Human PowerPoint Clicker” in a Teams Meeting!

Have you ever experienced the following?

You where in a meeting room, physically, and someone is giving a presentation. Suddenly he/she is asking “Can you go to the next slide” or “Next slide please”, and someone else is just acting like a Human PowerPoint clicker.

I guess there will be an awkward silence, right?

Did you know that it happens a lot in Teams meetings? Not sure why as there is a nice way on doing a presentation with co-presenters.

Before using the tip below, make sure you shared the PowerPoint deck on the correct way, how? CLICK HERE

How to prevent “Next slide please” (aka “The Human PowerPoint Clicker”

See below a quick tip on how to take control when you are a co-presenter.

Stop being the Human PowerPoint clicker

As co-presenters you can can seamlessly “Take control” and instantly get access to the Presenter View as well. Control can also be easily shared between any number of presenters, so no more fumbling during the presentation to give control to someone else, or worse, asking someone to move to the next slide for you.

So next time if you hear “Next slide please” (or similar), please show then how they can prevent it or send the link to this post.


Thanks for reading!

Kind regards and Stay Healthy,
Mitchell Bakker

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