Multi copies of Microsoft Teams running

Maybe after reading the title your first thought will be: Why?

Below 2 (personal) scenario’s that will give you some more information. Maybe you will find yourself in 1 of the 2 scenario’s (if so, let me know in the comments how you are managing it at the moment.

Scenario 1:
It’s Friday, a big Teams meeting is planned that you need to join, but you also need to finish some task before the weekend.

You need to keep an eye on the meeting to see the important information. You can’t click it away because the slides will not be visible for you anymore as the small preview screen is to small.

Scenario 2:
Maybe you have different Microsoft Teams accounts (Account from customer/Personal) that you want to use.

I guess a lot of you know where i’m talking about…. So, how can you fix this?

The Microsoft Teams client application can only run once, so you need to come up with something else. You can use the Teams web client for the first scenario (joining the meeting but still want to finish some work while video still visible).

But what if you want to use another account, next to your primary?
You can still use the Teams web client, but it can be challenging.
You need to log out from your primary account or start a private session in Microsoft Edge. In the end, its always a hassle. And yes, i’m aware that you can create profiles in the Microsoft Edge browser, that is/was my way of working. But I always had some struggles on mapping these profiles in the task-bar to be able to start Microsoft Edge with that specific profile.

New Fix🙋‍♂️:
There is an fix for that! just watched some instructions from Jeremy Chapman on how to make it easy 😁

Open Microsoft Edge and browse to and login with an account (can be your primary or maybe the account of another tenant). When Teams for Web is loaded, go to the 3 dots next to your profile picture/icon and go to “Apps” and click on “Install this site as an app”.

Multi copies of Microsoft Teams running

You will receive a pop-up where you can give the App a name

Multi copies of Microsoft Teams running
When done, click on “Install”

Teams web app is pinned to your taskbar! 👌
See below an example for my situation that I have for; Work, Personal and another for Demo’s.

Multi copies of Microsoft Teams running

Are you using different Teams logins as well? Are you, like me, using profiles in Edge?
Is this something you are going to use?

I will! 💪

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Thanks for reading! 

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Mitchell Bakker

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