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I guess everyone is familiar with the “background blur” option that is available at the moment, and I guess you all are aware on the announced feature to use “Custom Background” instead of the blurring.

This is just a post to give you an example how it looks like, as it is not live yet! Thanks to one of my colleagues that mentioned it to me!

So when in a video call, you have the 3 dots (where you can activate the background blur at the moment). Under this menu the background blur option will be replaced with the option “Show background effects”.

When you select the option, a new menu will appear from the right.
From here you have some options like:

  • None (no effect, regular video input from camera)
  • Blur
  • Gray backdrop
  • Office
  • Conference
  • Beach
  • Wall
  • Water cooler
  • Surf’s up

But you will also have the option to upload your own background.

It will be nice if Microsoft is releasing this feature quickly as it could be a game changer during the Work from Home!

What is your thought about the custom background, will you be using it? If you are an admin, will you enable it with restrictions to make sure your end users will not upload nsfw backgrounds?
Let me know in the comments below.

For now,
Thanks for reading!

Kind regards and Stay Healthy,
Mitchell Bakker

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