How to lock a Microsoft Teams meeting

Imagine This

Monday 09:55 AM.
You just started the Microsoft Teams meeting that you created a while ago. Your colleagues are joining, it begins with the Chit-chat asking how everyone is doing.

Monday 10:00 AM.
The time the meeting should start.
You did some research before the meeting on how to share your PowerPoint slide deck the correct way (reference: How to present PowerPoint in a Teams Meeting) so you started the PowerPoint Live presentation and begin with introducing yourself.

The first slide is being used to inform everyone to go on Mute and to use the Raise Hands when having a question, so you include this as well in your introduction (Working on “Microsoft Teams Meetings – The Basics” blog post).

Monday 10:15 AM.
You are presenting (now on slide 6 already).
“Good morning, Sorry for being late!” Someone said.

It’s always the same person that is joining late. You decided to ignore the person and you continue presenting, still on slide 6.

“Can anyone hear me?”
The same person that joins late clearly doesn’t know why Microsoft Teams is automatically joining Meetings on mute when the meeting is already started.

Does this sound familiar? Already experienced it yourself as I do?
But how to deal with this? In this blog post, I will show you how an organizer can use the “Lock the meeting” option.

The Fix

Organizer point of view

As a meeting organizer, you will see the option “Lock the meeting” under the “Participants” list.

Lock the meeting
The “Lock the meeting” option under the “Participants” list, only visible for the meeting organizer.

When you click on it, you will get a prompt to make sure you didn’t miss clicked

How to lock a Microsoft Teams meeting
Lock the meeting pop-up to make sure you are doing the right thing

When you click on “Lock”, the pop-up will go away and the Teams client will show a banner informing you that the meeting is locked.
This means that the meeting is not accepting new participants to join the meeting.

How to lock a Microsoft Teams meeting
Microsoft Teams client banner to inform that the meeting is locked and no one else can join from that point.

Participant point of view

Curious to see how it looks like for the person that joins after that the meeting has been locked?

So in this example, my Demo user is joining the meeting that I already created from my account.

Microsoft Teams Meeting
Pre-join window
Pre-Join Microsoft Teams meeting window

You see that the Microsoft Teams client automatically turns off the camera and microphone as the meeting is already started.

As soon as the Demo user clicks on “Join Now”, he will get the following screen

How to lock a Microsoft Teams meeting
Meeting is locked, No one else can join

This applies to everyone and not only for the Demo user of course 😉

Is this something you will use in your future Teams Meetings when presenting

Let me know in the comments below!

For now,
Thanks for reading!

Kind regards and Stay Healthy,
Mitchell Bakker

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