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In the Netherlands we have a campaign to stop Bullying on schools, but what when this also happen at the office? Maybe in a completely different way, like “You are terrible in presenting” or “The points you came up with are so dumb”. These are just 2 examples’, but it could be anything.

Microsoft enabled the new “Communication Compliance” that is also checking all messages in Microsoft Teams (Teams traffic, 1-to-1, or groupchat).

How to configure

Configuration is simple, it only take some time to set all permissions and to filter the messages in the background. In the below example I created a communication compliance to monitor offensive language.


It is now 24 hours ago since I activated the compliance monitor on offensive language and below some results:


In total I have 20 items, but all of these are are messages over 3 conversations I had during the tests. Let’s open 1 of them, be aware of the “Offensive or Threatening language” 😉


As you can see it’s a complete conversation. Most interesting is that it also flagged a message in Dutch, this means it can check other languages as well.

From here you have some options for the next step:

  • Resolve: When you are done reviewing an issue, you can resolve it. The alert will be moved from the “Pending” alerts queue to the “Resolved” alerts queue.
  • Tag as: You can tag the specific message as “complaint”, “non-complaint” or “questionable” so it can be used for filtering.
  • Notify: You can use the notify option to send out a warning message to the user about their behavior.
  • Escalate: When the initial reviewer cannot judge the specific message, he/she can decide to escalate it to another reviewer.
  • Create a case: When using this option, it will allow you to transfer data and management of the case to the Advance eDiscovery in Microsoft365.
  • False positive: Select this when the message is incorrectly detected as a match of the policy. It will automatically resolve the issue.
  • View message details: Will show all information on the message.

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