Microsoft is soon rolling out 3 new Teams features that I was waiting for!  
2 of them will be, IMO, really cool for everyone as a Teams User. 

The other feature is good for admins that need to control the environment and put some restrictions (policies) in place.

User Features:

1. Multi window in Meetings and Calls

This to pop-out the meeting/call from Teams. Now it’s only possible to do this on IM messages, guess Microsoft had some trouble to code this for the Meeting/Call Windows as well as it was announced on Ignite 2019 that it will be released in beginning 2020.

3 New Microsoft Teams features rolling-out soon

2. Ability to add Distribution lists and modern groups to scheduled meetings:

At the moment it is only possible to add people 1 by 1 (via Teams), while in outlook you could just add a distribution lists. They are changing this! 💪🏻

3 New Microsoft Teams features rolling-out soon

Admin Feature:

Background effect policy

As the new “Custom background” is rolled out, it can be hard for Admins to control this. All users are free on using a custom background without any restrictions. Microsoft is working on a user-level Policy that is able to: “Offer no filters”, “Background blut only”, “use background blur and default provided images” and last option “All”. Last option will still provide the end user rights to use custom background.

3 New Microsoft Teams features rolling-out soon

Any feature that you will be using?

For now, 
Thanks for reading! 

Kind regards and Stay Healthy, 
Mitchell Bakker

One thought on “3 New Microsoft Teams features rolling-out soon

  1. Finally! Especially the first feature solves one of my personal biggest frustrations with teams!

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