Microsoft is soon rolling out 3 new Teams features that I was waiting for!  
2 of them will be, IMO, really cool for everyone as a Teams User. 

The other feature is good for admins that need to control the environment and put some restrictions (policies) in place.

User Features:

1. Multi window in Meetings and Calls

This to pop-out the meeting/call from Teams. Now it’s only possible to do this on IM messages, guess Microsoft had some trouble to code this for the Meeting/Call Windows as well as it was announced on Ignite 2019 that it will be released in beginning 2020.

MSTeams New Feature | 3 New features rolling-out soon

2. Ability to add Distribution lists and modern groups to scheduled meetings:

At the moment it is only possible to add people 1 by 1 (via Teams), while in outlook you could just add a distribution lists. They are changing this! 💪🏻

MSTeams New Feature | 3 New features rolling-out soon

Admin Feature:

Background effect policy

As the new “Custom background” is rolled out, it can be hard for Admins to control this. All users are free on using a custom background without any restrictions. Microsoft is working on a user-level Policy that is able to: “Offer no filters”, “Background blut only”, “use background blur and default provided images” and last option “All”. Last option will still provide the end user rights to use custom background.

MSTeams New Feature | 3 New features rolling-out soon

Any feature that you will be using?

For now, 
Thanks for reading! 

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Mitchell Bakker

One thought on “MSTeams New Feature | 3 New features rolling-out soon

  1. Finally! Especially the first feature solves one of my personal biggest frustrations with teams!

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